A list of articles and interviews Sherilyn and CKUWTJ have been featured in.

msjones-thebridgeKeeping Up With Ms Jones  -  AT&T  The Bridge - August 2014

One of the most recent interviews Sherilyn had the honor in being a part of was with AT&T’s Urban Culture & Technology blog. She answered a few questions about her comic strip ‘CKUWTJ’, company, and gave other insight on how she came about living out her dreams.

[Like many post-grad students with a creative degree, Sherilyn Jones worked from job to job, searching for that one position to fulfill her creative aspirations. After a few years of coming up short, she finally made the decision to put her destiny in her own hands...] You may read this full interview on AT&T – The Bridge. “Keeping Up With Ms. Jones"


 didnt-happen-overnight-thumbIt Didn't Happen Overnight -  Female Entrepreneur Association - August 2012

This feature speaks for itself and is an in depth interview that explain the obstacles Sherilyn endured before her company/cartoon began to get public recognition. She talks about what it took to get her business going and all she encountered on the way. How did you overcome these challenges?

"I realized my talent was a gift from God and at that moment I realized I was using my gifts all wrong. Once I began giving Him back the gift He gave me, doors began to open for me that would not open before...."

 You may read this full interview on the Female Entrepreneur Association web site. "..It Didn't Happen Overnight"


 new-comic-on-the-stripNew Comic On The Strip -  DFW - Elite News - April 2012

The 1st news publication to recognize Sherilyn Jones when Can't Keep Up With The Joneses began to take off was DFW Elite News. She was the cover feature for the month of April and Can't Keep Up With The Joneses was publish in that issue.

When I was a kid, I loved to draw Disney characters and I remember dreaming of working for them,” said Sherilyn. “As I grew older, that dream changed into owning my own company like Disney and producing my own comic and cartoons. I’m glad to say, I’m living out my childhood dream one step at a time. Anything is possible if you really want it.”... You may read this full interview on DFW Elite News Issuu . "New Comic On The Strip"