(CKUWTJ) or Can't Keep Up With The JonesesCANT-pow-small2015

Evan, Raymond, Sigamore, and Shonre are 3 brothers and a cousin. Leaders among their peers, they love to promote individuality and set goals to accomplish. Sometimes they fall short of what is expected , but they are constantly reminded to stay motivated and enjoy life. Being a Christian family, The Joneses are all on different levels of faith and often find ways to allow others to grow with them.

In our comics and books you can find CKUWTJ playing sports, going to church, searching for ways to make the world a better place, saying no to bullying, joking around with friends, and doing a host of other activities. They are a group of energetic, fun, and entertaining kids and they love a new challenge. Finding their way thorough faith by making mistakes and learning from them is the learning process many kid go through in real life.

Main Characters


Age: 11

Evan is curious and always wants to learn more. He is a mastermind and is capable of achieving most of his goals, but is learning how to navigate his Christian experiences. Evan is curious to find out what life has to offer while searching for his purpose along the way.

 Hobby: Dreams of being a hero and constantly looking for ways to accomplish that mission.




Age: 13

Raymond is goal driven, he believes and knows there is light at the end of the tunnel. He is athletically inclined and Basketball is one of the actives he loves, but his life revolves around his faith and wanting better for everyone.  He has a way of bringing others together and making a difference to the lives involved.

 Hobby or favorite thing to do: Passionate about basketball.





Nickname: Sig Age: 12 Years Old 

Sigamore  understands life and knows the process of success. Although he is a born leader, he also knows how to follow others when needed. He is the one who everyone expects to have an answer when questions come up . Sig is a strong kid on the outside, but deep inside he is also figuring out his way in life.

 Hobby: Doing whatever he can to enjoy life.




Age: 11 Years Old 

Shonre understands faith, but sometimes questions it in crazy situations. She has a tough time standing up to opportunities because she is so young and realizes there is more about her that's waiting to be revealed. She gets excited when given the opportunity to be all that she was created to be.

Hobby or favorite thing to do: Loves eating Ice Cream.